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I was one of the authors of, which was the blog  of the Innovate Journal of Online Education from November 3, 2008 to February 28, 2009. This blog has now disappeared, but several copies of it have been saved in the Internet Archive: the latest of these copies is (November 17, 2009), from which former ones can be accessed.

In March 2009, James N. Shimabukuro, the editor  of to, and I became an author of this new blog too. On April 20, 2010, James N. Shimabukuro redirected the URL to the shorter one, In February, 2011, he changed my status to associate administrator of the blog.

In this capacity, I oversaw the accessibility of posts (adding alternative descriptions to pictures, for instance) and created and/or co-monitored external apps connected to the blog, like its twitter account, its wiki and the diigo group for gathering the blog authors’ bookmarks.

At the end of September 2011, James N. Shimabukuro removed me from the users of the blog.

This meant that I had no control anymore on my posts in it: neither on the ones written directly for that blog, not on the ones republished in it that I had originally written for the blog of Innovate. I was wary of that, due to a former unpalatable experience when my collaboration with another project was similarly abruptly interrupted, and  texts I had written for it were tampered with. So I decided to archive the ones present in the blog.

Archiving procedure

I began to archive these posts with Webcite®, starting from the most  recent ones, and bookmarking the archived pages with Diigo. But the Webcite® server went slow, so I also began to repost them here, this time starting from the oldest ones. This is how I found that copies of most of them had been saved in the Internet Archive. As reposting posts is rather boring, I moved on to bookmarking with Diigo these Internet Archive copies or – when there wasn’t one –  again, the WebCite® archived version.

Granted, this is not a systematic procedure. However, now, the archived versions of all these posts can be retrieved either on this blog, or in my Diigo bookmarks tagged etcj CA archived.

Author: Claude Almansi

Freelance translator and subtitler, former teacher, human rights advocate - hence my interest in accessibility.

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