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almansiTeacher and Translator, Noi Media

twitter: @pythy.

facebook: Claude Almansi.

Claude Almansi has been a member of Noi Media, a project advocating the use of information and communication technologies (ICT)-and Web 2.0 tools in particular-in Swiss schools, and is presently organizing director and editor of Webmultimediale, a project exploring creative applications of Web accessibility, founded by Roberto Ellero. She has taught French and English as foreign languages in middle schools, secondary schools, and universities in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Switzerland.

Almansi is also a translator who has translated texts from several fields. Earlier in her career, she concentrated on literary works and essays; in the last 10 years, her translations have focused on the use of ICT in education. Her own interest in the uses of ICT in schools arose from these translations and from the conviction that technology simplifies work, education, and life in general, and can provide significant support for equal rights for all, particularly equal rights of access to training.

Almansi earned a Licence-ès-lettres (akin to a BA) at Geneva University and a postgraduate diploma in conference interpretation techniques at the Polytechnic of Central London (now University of Westminster).

ETC Publications

Belgian Newspapers v. Google: Text of the Court of Appeal’s Decision

Tactile Learning: Italian and US Experiences

Copyright and Disability: WIPO Consensus Document

Infographics: Problems and Opportunities

‘YouTube Copyright School’ – Remixed and Mixed Up

Lessig: The Architecture of Access to Scientific Knowledge – Call for Subtitlers

Connective Learning: Challenges for Learners, Teachers, and Educational Institutions

IFPI, P2P and an Article that Disappeared

NFB: NYU, Northwestern and Other Schools Adopting Google Apps Discriminate Against the Blind

Beware of Privacy and Other Issues When Signing Up for Free Courses

Cyberbullying: An Interview with Nancy Willard

Info Literacy: Julian Assange’s Statement for the Feb. 4, 2011 Melbourne Rally

Learning from Doctorow’s ‘With a Little Help’

Expertnet Wiki for the White House OpenGov Initiative

Of Cows, Captions and Copyright: Users Need the Right to Caption and Subtitle Videos for Access and Learning

How to Report Phishing?

ICE’s Seizures of Domain Names Concern Us All

‘Operation In Our Sites II’ – Out of Sight for the Blind

Metaphors for ‘University’ – A Survey

‘Locked’ Ning Networks? Access, Copyright and Privacy

Why Unjoin Ning Networks that Won’t Pay

Ning’s New Deadline for Pay-Only: Aug. 30

Ning’s Self-Contradictions

‘Emerging Technologies in Distance Education’ ed. by George Veletsianos

Italy: Teachers’ Manifesto

e-Book Readers: Attempting to Bugger the Blind is Bad for Business

Easy Captioning for UNESCO’s World Heritage Videos on YouTube

UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Copyright Committee – 14th Session

Facebook Is Unfit for Educational Use

UNESCO, World Anti-Piracy Observatory and YouTube

End of Free Ning Networks: Live Online Discussion: Apr. 20th Ancient Books, Public Domain and Moral Barriers

YouTube, Geoblocks and Proxies

Online Multimedia: Italian Imperialism

Accessibility and Literacy: Two Sides of the Same Coin

ITForum Discussion on Accessibility

OT Phishing Scam via Twitter

Prix Möbius Suisse Rewards Inaccessible Flash Site

Twitter Could Drive You Cuckoo – If You’re Not Prepared

Google Book Search Settlement Unfair to Non-US Authors

Accessibility and Common Sense

Collaborative Text Translation with DotSUB

Tech Tools Are Just Tools

Rare Ancient Manuscripts Online at E-codices

Sakshat Is a Learning Program – Not a Laptop

ICT for Development and Education: Exit LIFI

Unhide That Hidden Text, Please

Live Radio Captioning for the Deaf

Three Video Captioning Tools

Making Web Multimedia Accessible Needn’t Be Boring

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