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Coursera’s Global Translator community: Transifex subtitle translation interface

NB this post is made to illustrate a reply to Transifex Support about the video player in the subtitle translation interface for the Global Translator Community. Transifex Support sent me a link to their Translating Subtitles in Transifex resource that explains about

It would be great if that were how it works in Coursera’s GTC projects, but it doesn’t.

From November 1 to November 18 2014, in GTC projects, the video player in the translation interface appeared like this (1):

screenshot of a Transifex Italian translation page for GTC subtitles

i.e.  not playing anything, just a black rectangle with the original subtitle overlaid

And since Nov. 19, 2014, the player has entirely disappeared.

[update Nov. 27, 2014: screenshot of the same translation page, without any player:

screenshot of the page indicated above, taken on November 27, 2014

/update (1)]

Now the Translating Subtitles in Transifex resource also says:

If you want to see the default editor view without the video, click the gear icon and uncheck the box next to “enable video editor.”

So I checked if I had done that inadvertently, but I didn’t: the box is checked.

Could it be that the issue lies with the first part, i.e. that the maintainers of Coursera’s GTC projects made an error in adding the video links to create players?

(1) click on the picture to enlarge it