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Live Radio Captioning for the Deaf 2008-12-20


This post was originally posted by me on December 20, 2008  in the Innovate blog, which has since disappeared: see the Internet Archive version saved on March 9, 2009. It was then reposted automatically on the blog, when the content of the Innovate blog was transfered to it.  I am reposting it as it was, except that bolded titles are replaced by H4 title styles and the broken pictures have been removed or replaced.


By Claude Almansi
Staff Writer

Thanks to:

  • Sylvia Monnat, director of captioning at Télévision Suisse Romande (French-speaking Swiss television for the explanations she gave me by phone on live captioning through re-speaking.
  • Neal Stein, of Harris Corporation (, for the authorization to publish on YouTube the video excerpt shown below, and for his explanations on the US live radio captioning project.

Why Caption Radio?

Making radio accessible for deaf and hard of hearing persons is not commonly perceived as a priority. For instance, the new version of the Swiss law and ordinance on Radio and Television that came into force in 2007 does add several dispositions about accessibility for people with sight and hearing disabilities but does not mention captioning radio. See art. 7 [1] of the law and art. 7 [2] and 8 [3] of the ordinance (in French). According to most non-deaf people’s “common sense,” deaf persons don’t use radio – just as many non-blind people still believe that blind people can’t use computers.

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