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ICT for Development and Education: Exit LIFI 2009-01-29


This post was originally posted by James N. Shimabukuro on Jannuary 29, 2009,  in the Innovate blog, which has since disappeared: see the Internet Archive version saved on February 27, 2009. It was then reposted automatically on the blog, when the content of the Innovate blog was transfered to it.  I am reposting it as it was, except that James N. Shimabukuro’s bolded titles are replaced by H4 title styles and the broken pictures have been removed or replaced.


By Claude Almansi
Staff Writer

Thanks –

to all members of the LIFI (Laboratorio di Ingegneria della Formazione e Innovazione, or Laboratory of Educational Engineering and Innovation) team [1] for their concrete and theoretical work in the field of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) for development and education, which I had the privilege to follow rather closely as translator of many of their texts since 1998.

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