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Tech Tools Are Just Tools 2009-03-09


This post was originally posted by James N. Shimabukuro on March 9, 2009,  in the Innovate blog, which has since disappeared: see the Internet Archive version saved on March 15, 2009. It was then reposted automatically on the blog, when the content of the Innovate blog was transfered to it. Later, some of the dead links to the Innovate blog were replaced by equivalent links in the blog.  I am reposting it as it was in the etcjournal blog, except that missing pictures are deleted and James N. Shimabukuro’s bolded titles are replaced by H4 title styles.


By Claude Almansi
Editor, Accessibility Issues

Has technology “reduced our social capital — the relationships that bind people together and create a sense of community,” as Dider Grossamy wrote in a comment to David G. Lebow’s Ten Dollar Computers and the Future of Learning in the Web Era [1]? Didier Grossamy himself adds: “Even though technological advances have contributed significantly to the problem of isolation, the emphasis on individualism in today’s society has compounded it.”

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